Many people want to adopt “Baby India”

She was found in Georgia wrapped in plastic bags (CNN). A newborn baby india was found wrapped in plastic and crying on top a pile of leaves and branches in Georgia. An official said that she is now ready to go home.

Tom Rawlings, state Division of Family and Children Services director, said that Baby India is currently in a “wonderful protective environment”: “She’s starting to gain weight and smiling a lot. She is a happy baby shower catering, who loves being held and sung too. The Ragatz family gave Baby India her unique nickname when they found her June 6.

They thought the source was a baby bull boxing deer or a raccoon, but they were wrong. Alan Ragatz stated that the source was a tiny baby wrapped in plastic bags.

She was probably just an hour old, with her umbilical cord still intact, when Ragatz and his daughters found her abandoned on a piece of wooded land near Daves Creek Road in Cumming.

Although protective services are usually bound by confidentiality rules Rawlings believes that the child’s popular nickname will help protect her long-term privacy. Rawlings stated that once a permanent home has been found for her, she’ll be able to grow up with any name her independent adoption parents give her.

Although her story may not be typical, abandoned babies are very common. He said that babies are often left in such terrible circumstances all the time. There have been cases of babies being left in horrible circumstances, such as bathrooms.

This is remarkable because a miracle has emerged from it  baby india

He said that often a mother is unable to care for her child because of economic circumstances or other circumstances. Georgia’s Safe Haven law provides protection. It allows a mother to leave her child anonymously at a station, fire station, or hospital for up to 30 days following birth. Rawlings said that similar laws were enacted in all 50 US states.

“None of these is necessary.” He said that there are many options. He said that 1,200 foster children were chile adopts blockchain in Georgia last year. Many people are eager to adopt children aged 5 and under.

Rawlings is a lawyer but his experience has shown him that Baby India won’t be able to recall what happened. He said that children are resilient at a young age.

He said that older children are different. He recalled the story of a centenarian, who shared her story about being abandoned and adopted into a loving family. He said, “Even someone born into tragedy can live a long and fulfilled life. That’s what we wish for this child.”

Rawlings believes that Baby India won hearts all across the country because she persevered. “She cried for help. Literally, thousands of people from all over the United States have expressed interest in adopting Baby India.