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babyWitch Baby Soap: Brings Its Brand Downtown

Witch Baby Soap: Brings Its Brand Downtown

Chelsea Selby Randazza always had a passion for beauty, experimenting with her mother’s beauty products when she was young and majoring in alternative medicine when she was a college student. As an adult, Chelsea failed to find beauty power products that spoke to her and decided the best option was to create those products herself. In 2013, while her daughter was only a baby, Chelsea started Witch Baby Soap. The business originated on Etsy but in 2014 was able to move to its own website and Chelsea also hired her first employee. The business attained a loyal following and Chelsea began considering a brick and mortar location. The stars aligned, and in 2019 Witch Baby Soap found itself a home at 11 Eastman Street.

Chelsea views witchcraft as a spiritual practice that is truly inclusive. It appreciates other culture’s deities and beliefs, and promotes a passion for self-care and appreciation of your true self. The aesthetic of Witch Baby Soap is inspired by witchcraft and the magical energy it represents.

Witch Baby Soap sells a variety of beauty ashes items, including body and face soaps, bath bombs, body butters, hand salves, masks, and crystals. The scent blends have all been developed by Chelsea, who bases them on reminders of people or places in her life. “Scent matching is similar to matching flavors in cooking,” said Chelsea. “For example, our Graveyard scent is a blend of sunny dirt, warm jasmine, and coffin satin.”

Customers of Witch Baby Soap had been requesting a retail location for a few years. Chelsea wanted to make sure the business was in a place where she felt confident that both the online store and retail location could be well-stocked. Chelsea and her family live in the area and when they saw the location available in downtown los Cranford, they felt the time was right. Chelsea and her employees have invested time and effort in attending events throughout the tri-state area, so many of Witch Baby Soap’s local customers are excited to visit the storefront.

“I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to talk to customers face to face, and meeting other community members,” said Chelsea. “We’re thrilled that our store is going to be a part of the downtown toronto community.”

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